Eurovision Karaoke Horror

Greece 2005
Britain 2004
Israel 1979
Slovenia 2005
Switzerland 2006
Iceland 2006
Sweden 2008
Latvia 2006
Russia 2005
Norway 2004
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If you thought Eurovision was bad, wait till you here me sing the  alternative lyrics. Afterall, the Eurovision Song Contest is a hidious karaoke festival with some very rotten English in scary soviet accents  Click on the pictures to hear the songs
Here are the few "lucky" victims :
click on picture to listen to song
Israel 1979 : HALLELUJAH

How to kill your family - Hallelujah !

Praise the lord Hallelujah, Sing to the lord, doesn't matter if you kill a nun, or you poisen your mom, or murder your sister & slaughter your brother....just Praise The Lord, Hallelujah... and everything will be OK.... (listen)
Greece 2005 : YOU'RE MY NUMBER TWO

A louzy attempt to dance the "Zorba"

You know the story... A guy thinks he's number one, but then discovers his love has another, and another......(listen)
"You're Not the one
"Ain't my number one....."

A year after Jemini's 0 points at Eurovision

Britain, Britain, God Save thee Britain ! The world's pop music superpower and Eurovision champions hit the alltime low in 2003, and scored a remarable 0 points. James Fox had a really easy job to better that performance, can you actually belived I told the guy (after the show) : "Well, at least you did better than Jemini..." . . . . (yeah, believe it, I'm that stupid ! )  (listen)
Slovenia 2005 : STOP !

Click to hear a protest againt neighbour voting

So we all hate it - political voting in eurovision. There ain't much we can do about it but at least I can complain to all those voting bloxks : Balcans, Baltica, Scandanavia, Iberia... will you all just STOP ! (listen)
Netherlands 2004 : WITHOUT BOOZE


Every Eurovision fan knows that you can't get through a Eurovision week without a ton of Alcohol (regardless if you're Dutch or not)., but Here's a guy who can't get through life  "Without Booze"  (listen)___________________________________________________________
Russia 2005 : MISS AMERICA (None Of Them Is Smart Not One)

Click here to listen to the Mockery

The only TV show that sinks as lower than Eurovision is probably the annual Miss Universe Pageant. And if  talking of stupidity.... who's the airhead nation of the world.?... if not cowboy Bush's US of A. So here I pay tribute to the Miss America, casue : " the dummer you are, the faster  you won"   (listen)
Norway 2004  : HIGH

SAY YES TO DRUGS.... listen and get High !

"Just Say Yes". Nancy Reagan would probably flip in her grave, but here's a guy who just wants to wack his brain with some really heavy shit. (listen)
" High, Got stoned again....
" I found a Drug that will ease all my pain"
Switzerland 2006 - IF WE ALL HIT RALPH SIEGEL 
WSomebody has got to do something about that Ralph Siegel. He is in the contest every bloody year. Myabe if we all hit him, Europe will be free of his silly tunes (listen)
Latvia 2006 - I HEAR YOU FART 
What happens when a people stop being considerate towards one another - it ends in Chenical warfare (listen) 
Wow, that Silvia Night was a Mega-Bitch in Athens, if you thought she was bad, then wait till you hear the "Mega Oh'cha" sing. He admit's he's bad, and proud of it.....
"The show begins, I'm gonna sing
"Too bad you'll have to suffer..... "
Get ready to go "boooo" (listen)

Heartful Thank You to my backing singers
"You guys are the most talentless bunch of wannabees, but  are always willing to record that extra take, even if it means having to listen to eachother sing again, and that's inhuman.....
... and I thought I could only trust myself"
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