Eurovision Karaoke Horror

Latvia 2006

Greece 2005
Britain 2004
Israel 1979
Slovenia 2005
Switzerland 2006
Iceland 2006
Sweden 2008
Latvia 2006
Russia 2005
Norway 2004
Karaoke Video Contest

. . .
Oh'cha Oh'cah, Mega Oh'cha Oh'cha
Oh'cha Oh'cah, Mega Oh'cha Oh'cha-i-yaii-yaii
What a terrible smell
You're farting and I can't breath the air
I try block my nose
but none of the oudors go away
Selfish, Merciless
You kill me with your gasses and It feels like hell
I want to yell
chorus x 2
I hear you fart
loud in my ear
I'm begging you not to stand close to me
You're filling this place
It smells like a loo
I hear you fart
I can feel you poo
( i hear you fart ) 
It's chemical warhead
What an awful way to die
Can't take any more this abuse
 Please Stop, Please Stop !
last chorus
I hear you fart
Loud in my ear
I'm warning you not to stand close to me
If you don't stop
Guess what I will do
 I'm gonna fart all over... YOU
What is "OH'CHA" ?
"Oh'cha" is a hebrew slang term for a queer who is provocative/ sissy / drama queen / femanine. That is apperantly my nickname amongst my friends : "Mega Oh'cha"

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