Eurovision Karaoke Horror

Slovenia 2005

Greece 2005
Britain 2004
Israel 1979
Slovenia 2005
Switzerland 2006
Iceland 2006
Sweden 2008
Latvia 2006
Russia 2005
Norway 2004
Karaoke Video Contest

OK, so the picture has nothing to do with the song

(Omar Naber / Ursa Valsic)
. . .
Slovenia, Albania, FYR Macedonia
Croatia give Bosnia & Herzigovina
Now Serbia is no longer with Montenegro
That Yogoslav mafia basterds
always give each other points
They can not remermber that not long ago
they were killing eachother in the Balkan wars
Now Iceland gives Norway
The danes give the Swedes
All give to Finland
even if it's wierd
 So Nordics please STOP !
You just vote for your neighbouring friends
Bulgaria, Moldova give Romania
Latvia, Estonia vote Lithuania
You Soviets please STOP !
Cause you ignore the west
  and don't care who's the best....
Well Portugal gives Spain
Andorra does the same
and Poland always giving it's 12 point to the Ukraine
There's Greece and Cyprus too
the audience goes "booooo"
and Israel getstall it's votes from jews
The Brits give the Irish again and agian
The Germans give Turkey
No matter what they send
 so Europe please STOP !
cause the scoreboard's a mess
and the worst songs finnish best
In the End !

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