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Greece 2005
Greece 2005
Britain 2004
Israel 1979
Slovenia 2005
Switzerland 2006
Iceland 2006
Sweden 2008
Latvia 2006
Russia 2005
Norway 2004
Karaoke Video Contest

So you think I'm good at dancing the Zorba

You're My Number Two
(Christos Dantis / Natalia Germanou)
. . .
You're my lover
better keep it secret cause I have another
You're so yummie
Huney Bunny
but I prefer him to you
he's got more money
You can love me
You can't have me
You don't make the cash that he does
Don't forget it
If you miss me
Don't just kiss me
Hand over your credit card
So I can spend it
You are just two
You're my number two
There ain't a damn thing that you can do
You are now two
You're my number two
You'll only be the one if One & I are through
You're my lover
He's the other
Now I found a third one to go undercover
You are now three
You're my number three
That is the highest you'll ever be
You are now three
You're my number three
So don't be suprised if i'm never free
You're my lover
they're the others
now I find out that you got a cuter brother
You are now four
You're my number Four
You keep on dropping down more and more
You're down to Four
You're my number four
so lately i've been screwing around
like such a whore
You're my lover
They'e the others
I'm sure he's waiting somewhere for me to discover
You are now five
You're my number five
Baby You're taking on such a dive
You down to five
You're my number five
I hardely even notice that you're still alive
You're my lover
Don't think you're the one
Cause I got plenty others

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