Eurovision Karaoke Horror

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Greece 2005
Britain 2004
Israel 1979
Slovenia 2005
Switzerland 2006
Iceland 2006
Sweden 2008
Latvia 2006
Russia 2005
Norway 2004
Karaoke Video Contest

So you thought that having to listen to me "sing" is bad, wait till you see the act.....
This is scary......
This is Eurovision karaoke Contest.
Yes, us Israelies are well known for our human rights record (ask the Palestinians ! ), so you can't expect us Eurovision fans to show much mercy to Eurovision enteries. Here you can see a whole lot of us slaughter our favourite Song Contest tunes. Our annual karaoke gathering to crown the "performer" who "sings" least worse.
DONT WORRY, It's not the whole thing, I'd never do that you ! ! ! This is just a quick review (a few seconds of each song), and highlights from the voting. Three different contest online.
Just click on any one of three pictures below ( contests 2003-4-5-6 )

CLICK to suffer the 2007 show

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2005 - The Horror of the Contest, all 8 minutes of

Click to see how badly we sang in 2004 - Youtube

CLICK to see recap, 7 minutes -  on Youtube

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